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Lux Collection for Lightroom Presets

40 Lightroom presets in total! 20 luscious and luxurious Lightroom Presets that apply beautifully in 1 click. Creamy and classic, they are perfect for everything from weddings through newborn photography. We were tired of downloading and using Lightroom presets that were totally overdone – so we built a collection that actually work on every photo. Bundled with our 20 indispensible Lightroom Workflow Tool presets for 1 click-adjustments to refine and polish your photos effortlessly. Watch the video below for a highlight reel of the Uplift Lux Collection for Lightroom. No other adjustments were made to any of the photos – just 1 click of the Lux preset.

Also available in our Uplift Lightroom Presets ULTIMATE Bundle.


What's Included

Lux Collection Presets:

Lux Aqua

Lux Blush
Lux Bronze (BW)
Lux Cream
Lux Diamond
Lux Dream
Lux Feather
Lux Fog
Lux Gold (BW)
Lux Ice (our favorite!!!)
Lux Kisses
Lux Lavender
Lux Powder
Lux Silver (BW)
Lux Sky
Lux Spring
Lux Sugar
Lux Twilight
Lux Watercolor (Gradient)

Lightroom Workflow Tool Presets:

• Auto Tone
• Auto White Balance
• Black Brightener
• Blacker Blacks
• Clarifier
• Contrast Boost
• Contrast Ultra
• De-clarifier
• Heavy Grain
• High-key Whites
• Highlight Recover
• Light Grain
• Mid-bump
• One Click Fix <-- amazing
• Shadow Recover
• Sharpener
• Skin Smoother
• Vignette Heavy
• Vignette Light
• Whiter Whites

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