Uplift Essential Photoshop Actions Collection

A powerhouse of artistic Photoshop Actions to give mood and tone to your photos! 29 precise one-click actions that will transform your photos into art, including 4 dreamy Film Finishes, 8 Vintage Tones, 4 Film & Vintage Inspired Black & Whites, as well as 6 Helper Actions (including our famous Matte Finish and Pastel Wash actions!), 3 Flare & Moveable Light Actions and 4 Brushes to add selective blur, sharpness, contrast or colour pop for finishing touches. Likely to become your go-to set of actions!

What's Included

Film Finishes:
Cool Film
Classic Film
Creamy Film
High Contrast Film

Black & White:
Silent Film
Lisa's Black & White & Grey
Grandpa's Photo Album
New York Times 1922

Vintage Tones:
Andie's Happily Ever After
Carla's Smoking Lounge
Cassondra's Big Love
Laura's Picnic
Olivia's Afternoon
Rachael's Happy Place
Ingrid's Pink Pop
Jen's Cross Process

Helper Actions:
Matte Finish
Film Contrast
Film Toner
Light Leak
Pretty Wash
Uplift Warmth

Flares & Light:
Midday Sunflare
Autumn Light
Afternoon Warm Light

The Drunken Painter
Smart Sharpener Brush
Uplift Colour Brush
Uplift Contrast Brush

What They Do

Film Finishes

4 creamy, delicious, timeless film finishes that give your photos that old photo-paper feel, so often lost in the world of digital photography!

Cool Film – With creamy cool hues, this is a great one-click edit that gives an overall matte finish. Works beautifully on almost EVERY photo with no adjustments.

Classic Film – An overall matte film finish that doesn't shift the colors of your image. Nice and creamy, looks wonderful on bright or dark images alike.

Creamy Film – Smooth and buttery, this film finish is a favorite for newborn and wedding photographers!

High Contrast Film – Bright and dynamic, this film finish balances the tones in your image and gives it the feel of high-end photo paper.

Vintage Tones

Andie's Happily Ever After – A creamy, mellow, 1970's-inspired cross-process. Adds hues of turquoise and awesomeness. It's not over-done, so don't be afraid! Adds a wonderfully vintage tone in 1 click.

Carla's Smoking Lounge – Warm and creamy, imagine the smoke hanging in a cigar lounge, captured on old film. Works beautifully on rich brown photos to give a smooth balance, just like a good cigar!

Cassondra's Big Love – Adds hues of pink and purple, so works wonderfully on similarly colored images – flowers, dresses, and details.

Laura's Picnic – Creamy and dynamic, adds hues of blues and pinks and works beautifully on vibrant colorful images!

Olivia's Afternoon – Inspired by the early 30's, a totally rich vintage suitable for styled shoots where you want to capture a feeling of times gone by.

Rachael's Happy Place – Crisp and cool, adds vintage hues of blue and dusty grey. Looks great on almost all photos!

Ingrid's Pink Pop – A crowd favorite! This runs at 20% but looks stunning and vibrant at 100% as well! Boosts the blues and pink undertones of your photos to make it come to life...and pop!

Jen's Cross Process – A true XP action, shifting your blues and yellows to create a vintage polaroid feel.

Black & White's

Silent Film – Muted and reminiscent of the films of yore! A truly timeless black and white with a vintage matte finish.

Lisa's Black & White & Grey – Just how it sounds, dilutes the whites and has a gorgeous editorial finish to it.

Grandpa's Photo Album – A rich brown black and white (let's call it a classy sepia?). Reminiscent of old black and whites from the 40's.

New York Times 1922 – An old newsprint feel, with just a hint of blue, making photos feel like they've been clipped from a 100 year old paper. We love this one so much!


Matte Finish – A great final touch to add to your photo that lays a smooth matte photo paper finish overall. Sometimes we like to paint out areas with a soft brush at 20% any areas of focus in the photo for added pop.

Film Contrast – A great tool to run on any film action, to bring some contrast back overall.

Film Toner – Choose your own adventure! This applies an overall tone to the photo, and allows you to choose the tint you'd like in a color chooser. Drop a brown hue overall, or blue to cool things off. It's all up to you! Adjust opacity as needed.

Light Leak – A beautifully simple way to recreate an old, understated light leak onto your photo. Really helps to finish off any photo with a bit of warm light in the corners.

Pretty Wash – We're famous for this one! A warm pastel wash we almost always use as a finishing touch on our photos. Adjust opacity as needed – it looks wonderful on every single photo!

Uplift Warmth – Adds an 82K warmth overall to your image.


The Drunken Painter – Guaranteed to become one of your favorites! Run this, then paint out any areas you want to blur. Awesome, easy way to create a faux-tilt-shift, or selectively blur to draw focus in your photo.

Smart Sharpener Brush – Another one of our favorites. Paint over any areas you need to add a little sharpness, and it works like magic!

Uplift Color Brush – Selectively paint over anywhere you need a little saturation boost!

Uplift Contrast Brush – Brightens whites and adds color pop all at once!

Sunflares & Moveable Light

Midday Sunflare – Casts a gorgeous sunflare spilling from the top of your image to give a midday glow.

Autumn Light – Transforms a photo! Autumn Light creates a warm ball of light you can move around and adjust to create a gorgeous orange glow. Try using it on trees and in the upper corners of your photo. Adjust opacity and duplicate as desired.

Afternoon Warm Light – Casts an orange glow from the top left to bottom right (flip as desired and adjust opacity as needed).

Compatible with:
Photoshop CC
Photoshop CS2-CS6

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