Uplift Workflow Photoshop Action Collection

Our signature collection! The ultimate set of Photoshop Actions to build a photo with a beautiful base. 25 precise one-click actions that cover everything you need, including our famous "Lemon Sucker" and "Highlight Recover" actions, "Spotlight Brighter" brush and the seemingly magical "Buff & Polish". Start with the Mid Recover action to create instant balance, then paint in color and focus with the Color and Smart Sharpener Brushes. Quickly warm up or cool down images, and add a gorgeous smooth gloss with the indispensable Buff & Polish action. Retouch skin flawlessly with the Skin Saver action, sure to become your new favorite. These are the actions we use on EVERY photo, EVERY day.

What's Included
Lemon Sucker
Blueberry Sucker
Strawberry Sucker
Blue Skies
Highlight Recover
Mid Recover
Shadow Recover
Fill Flash
Aloe Vera
Color Popper
Spotlight Brighter
Spotlight Darker
Warm Up
Cool Down
Skin Saver
Rich Curves
Paper Cut
Smart Sharpener Brush
Uplift Color Brush
Uplift Contrast Brush
Buff & Polish
What They Do

Highlight Recover – An excellent starting place for your image, saving blown-out highlights. Works great on wedding dresses and skies! Adjust the opacity of the Highlight Recover layer after running as desired.

Mid Recover – We recommend running this action FIRST! It instantly balances your image by and can save a dull, flat photo in one click. Paint out areas you don't want recovered after running with a soft fuzzy black brush.

Shadow Recover – We love running this action to recover muddy areas of a photo that are way too dark. Works great on groomsmen suits and dark interiors!

Fill Flash – For those times when you really should've popped a flash! We've got your back. Adjust opacity after running as desired.

Aloe Vera – Takes the red out! Imagine a sunburn on your skin...well this soothes it tones it down. Paint this onto red skin and adjust opacity for the desired effect.

Lemon Sucker – One of our favorites! This tones down the yellows in your photo – once you've used it once, you'll use it often! Really balances out skin tones with just 1 click! Feel free to paint back areas you want to retain yellow in, like grass.

Blueberry Sucker – We use this one mostly on men's black suits, to remove the blue cast.

Strawberry Sucker – Similar to Aloe Vera, but an overall red remover. Great to run and adjust the opacity on overly warm images.

Fertilizer – Awesome action for outdoor landscapes, or any photo that has lots of trees, grass and nature! Boosts the greens, just like a good fertilizer should!

Blue Skies – Just like it sounds, give the skies in your photo a boost of dreamy blues!

Color Popper – An overall saturation booster. Use it once, and you'll use it often! Adjust opacity after running as desired.

Spotlight Brighter – A crowd FAVORITE! Paint this on where you need some light – brighten dark faces, add a little pop to a dark corner. A great way to draw focus in a photo.

Spotlight Darker – The opposite of Spotlight Brighter! Paint in shadows where you'd like to create a little drama!

Warm Up – For cool photos, this will warm them up with an 82K tone. Adjust the orange layer as desired to add or decrease the warmth.

Cool Down – The opposite of Warm Up! We love using this one to create nice creamy cool photos.

Skin Saver – We promise this will be one of your new favorite actions! It's out go-to for skin retouching. Paint this onto any skin to smooth out tones and blemishes. Adjust opacity as desired.

Rich Curves – Get that S-curve effect with 1 simple click. Darkens darks, brightens brights.

Snaptastic – Similar to Rich Curves, but with a degree of sharpness to make your photo even more crispt and dynamic.

Paper Cut – We LOVE this one! An overall sharpener that will make every detail in your photo come to life.

Sharpen/Defog – We enjoy using this one towards the end of an edit. Brings back and flat mid-points and sharpens overall.

Smart Sharpener Brush – Bring selective sharpening to areas of your photo with this baby! Great on faces, eyes, hair, or anywhere you want to bring attention.

Uplift Color Brush – Another crowd favorite! Selectively paint wherever you'd like a POP of color! Excellent to use on the main subject of your photo.

Uplift Contrast Brush – Bring extra focus to the subject of your photo by brightening whites and boosting color and contrast all at once. You'll love this one!

Clarifier – A little boost of contrast and S-curve to liven up a dull photo. A great way to start OR finish an edit! Sometimes it's all you need! Adjust opacity as needed.

Buff & Polish – One of our absolute FAVORITES! This is like pure magic. Run this on any photo to remove all evidence of grain and add a nice gloss finish. Paint out any areas you'd like to recover the detail in afterwards, like eyes and fine details.

Compatible with:
Photoshop CC
Photoshop CS2-CS6

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